Our Technology

MTUNES DIGITAL INC.'s powerful technology platform manages every step of digital distribution.

MTUNES continues to set the standard for how digital distribution should operate in the modern world. We've developed mature, robust systems around the technical complexities of digital distribution while making it easy for both our content owners and service partners to conduct business with us.

Our proprietary technology handles the entire distribution process:

Digital Supply Chain
We handle all the complex work involved to encode and transcode your audio and video for delivery in dozens of formats. Our automated supply chain systems package and send your content to the stores and services you choose.

Mtunes Dashboard
Our unique business management application continues to set us apart. Through an easy-to-use web interface our clients use this indispensable tool to review and edit metadata, manage retail and promotional licenses to determine who will receive their content, and access transparent and comprehensive online royalty reports.


Thousands of blogs, podcasts, social networks and other influential online outlets tap into our promotional distribution network to discover and share music from our vast catalog of label-approved promotional tracks, helping you connect with fans throughout the online world.
With nearly One million tracks in Mtunes catalog and a distribution network of more than 400 retail partners, our technology is proven to streamline the digital distribution process while offering seamless integration with our retail and promotional partners.