Marketing Process

MTUNES DIGITAL INC.'s marketing team combines real-world relationships and cutting edge tools for maximum exposure and placement across a broad range of retail, mobile, and promotional outlets.

Maximum exposure
MTUNES Digital Inc.'s Marketing team creates opportunities for artists across the digital spectrum. We work closely with the programming and editorial departments at all of our digital retail and mobile partners to achieve maximum exposure and feature placement opportunities for our clients. We also constantly monitor and engage key promotional outlets, including blogs, podcasts, social networks, and everything in between.

Our team brings with them years of experience and a broad network of relationships. MTUNES's international marketing efforts are supported by our technology platform and people on the ground with local industry knowledge and contacts. Combining technology, consistent communication, and personal relationships with industry tastemakers, MTUNES DIGITAL INC.'s marketing team closes the gap between hype and sales.

MTUNESTORE is a promotional distribution network specifically designed to help online media outlets discover and share music from Mtunes digital inc.'s vast catalog of label-approved promotional tracks. In return, our labels are able to see detailed real-time reporting on downloads and buy clicks across the web. By harnessing the power of influential online tastemakers, Mtunesotre provides our rightsholders with a unique platform for distributing and tracking promotional content.