Distribution Process

MTUNES has enabled independent content owners to reach hundreds of outlets around the world with a comprehensive and unique technology platform that provides distribution and marketing services with efficiency, transparency, and control.

Strength in numbers

  • Since its inception, MTUNES has been dedicated to ensuring our clients have access to the best deals in the industry.

  • Our Business Development team is continually seeking out the best new opportunities for online sales and signs new service deals regularly to expand the reach of your music and video to more fans around the world.

  • We bring together technical expertise in the digital music world and a credible, proven history in the independent music community to create a digital distribution partner perfectly suited to guide your business into the digital future.

Here's how the MTUNES platform works:

Our comprehensive and secure web application - the MTUNES Dashboard - gives you complete control over your media and metadata. We speedily encode, transcode and deliver your audio and video in dozens of formats to the services of your choosing - from large, established retailers to smaller niche services - and return transparent sales activity reporting, including iTunes customer zip codes.


The MTUNESTORE promotional music distribution network helps you spread word of mouth to thousands of bloggers and podcasters while simultaneously accessing valuable real-time data on promotional MP3 downloads and buy clicks.

Label Stores

You can easily set-up a branded direct-to-consumer storefront for your label, sub-label, an individual artist or any combination of releases in your catalog from within your Mtunes Dashboard to get the most out of fan relationships by email and keep more of every track sold.